Wednesday, January 12, 2011


When we were  married i.e 23yrs back , we came to beautiful vizag city with blue beaches and red hills . I spent  My early married life here and my kids are also born here and from those days till now i.e last December I always wished  to buy a house in vizag , we my 2nd daughter was born we got a chance but situations made us to buy house in another city.  But that dream of mine remained with out being accomplished.  In the year 2010 when I was sleeping I had  a dream that we bought a new house in vizag city and we had a big party inviting all friends and relatives . My kids came from college and woke me up , when I told them about my dream they laughed saying that I was day dreaming . After one month my husband told me that he bought a new house in vizag . We had a big party same as the dream.

December 17 we shifted to our new house . I feel very happy which i cant say in words .It takes only 5min to go to beach. My husband always wished to have it this way . 
we have submarine museum the first ever in the world. It served our country. Now my dream came true. We bought all new stuff for the house. We enjoyed new year well in our new house but my only sadness is that my eldest daughter whose in america missed all these enjoyment.  All blogs friends are invited to our house in beautiful vizag.  


  1. Please tell me your address so I could come for a visit. (lol)

    You are one lucky lady in the whole wide world. You have everything I do not have. Everything a woman wishes to have!

    Btw - Congrats to your new home! I am happy for you and your family. ♥)

  2. You are always invited to my house , quickly book your ticket and I'll tell my address . Thanks for your appreciation. love ya.

  3. my friend I want to visit your house but I'll break first my coin box so I can buy a plane ticket going to your place hehehe... love you my friend :)

  4. How very interesting to read a WISH come true in a DREAM and REAL in life. Well, when your daughter returns, have another small family do. CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OF YOU.