Saturday, November 6, 2010

My dream to ride a bike

When i was young me and my friends dreamed to go on bike rides.But then our customs didn't permit us . now a days young girls go on bikes in heavy traffic . Some of my friends got their own bikes when    they were in their 20s and fulfilled their ambitions. In my case i got opportunity to go on car but my bike dreams were still pending.

Recently i got opportunity to learn bike , on the first day it self i learned how to balance it    and started riding it.
I felt very happy while riding the bike on the beach road . I really felt like i went back in 20s. Riding a bike makes   me feel   very young.  My dream came true now i can go on bike to attend my personal work.  I'm so happy...

 I advice all the readers who don't know riding a bike to learn it. Really guys bike riding is such a fun.