Friday, September 3, 2010

This is my story

I was born in a orthodox middle class family.i was the first born to my mom.from childhood  my parents encouraged us to read.All we friends used to have high hopes.But my family members got me married at the age of 16 .I never walked against the society.I gave birth to my first child  at the age of 17.That time i was  in 10th grade.i still didn't stop my studies.i know at all cost's i have to achieve my dreams.Sending my child to school i used to read for my degree in such way i have completed my degree.I still remember i was pregnant with  my second daughter I completed my first year degree.I was pregnant with my third child when i completed my graduation.Before every exam climbing every step of exam center i know that this is the step of glory because one step back then i'll see me as any ordinary second ambition was to make my children receive  high level education.I taught my children how to move on and face life each and every movement.My children are the only members in our family who topped high elder daughter now she's in U.S.A.she's the first girl in our family in U.S.A studying M.S.My second daughter is studying medicine And my son is in gave the freedom of choosing their studies to my children.My husband also encourages them well!!.
                                   I look forward for the day when "Every girl in our country can study casting aside the religion's belief's and customs".Hoping that day will come soon i thank you all lovely readers for reading my blog!!