Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Beauty of motherhood

First moment from my baby's birth then i was only 17 and don't no much thing about child care . My child got fever after 3days i was so scared and i didn't slept for hours thinking about her..  Before my baby's birth it was a hard task for people to get me out of sleep but after it my life was just changed. From that day my sleeping hours went down and down for second child and third child. Years passed by so . My children  started to growup. They started to go to school even then i didn't have sleep thinking about them.  When were in primary schools i didn't have sleep thinking about their safety , they were naughty kids at that time. When they are in their teens i still didn't have a perfect sleep from the time they leave home and come back. Now my elder daughter is in USA  even now i don't have a perfect sleep.

But there is happiness in this too . I think all around the world all mothers are same as me. Mother is the only one who can sacrifice for her kids .  May  all mothers bring their children with good habits and ; lovable feelings so that the world with out terrorism and a world with pure  love is created..