Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Japan's tsunami

    As always i came with a new dream today.A dream which is dreadful and terror striking.I was watching  T.V and kept a news channel while eating breakfast.I saw a shocking news that a tsunami struck japan!I watched how it happened in live telecast.I saw how every house broke and became pieces by the tsunami.I prayed to god that every one should be fine.I thought why did we humans got intelligence.where we can see the disasters going on but can't do nothing to help but sitting still and watching them get destroyed it was horrible!

                                                                        We have technology to foresee the incoming disasters within few mins then i wondered why didn't we have anything to stop those disaster for even a few secs!i prayed to god to save all of them even i knew that it was too late!i wish we can stop those oncomings somehow i wish if we can save them...........