Sunday, August 18, 2013


Always positive thinking,helping pour people,contact friends,learn new languages ,eat good food then life is beautiful.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Japan's tsunami

    As always i came with a new dream today.A dream which is dreadful and terror striking.I was watching  T.V and kept a news channel while eating breakfast.I saw a shocking news that a tsunami struck japan!I watched how it happened in live telecast.I saw how every house broke and became pieces by the tsunami.I prayed to god that every one should be fine.I thought why did we humans got intelligence.where we can see the disasters going on but can't do nothing to help but sitting still and watching them get destroyed it was horrible!

                                                                        We have technology to foresee the incoming disasters within few mins then i wondered why didn't we have anything to stop those disaster for even a few secs!i prayed to god to save all of them even i knew that it was too late!i wish we can stop those oncomings somehow i wish if we can save them........... 

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


When we were  married i.e 23yrs back , we came to beautiful vizag city with blue beaches and red hills . I spent  My early married life here and my kids are also born here and from those days till now i.e last December I always wished  to buy a house in vizag , we my 2nd daughter was born we got a chance but situations made us to buy house in another city.  But that dream of mine remained with out being accomplished.  In the year 2010 when I was sleeping I had  a dream that we bought a new house in vizag city and we had a big party inviting all friends and relatives . My kids came from college and woke me up , when I told them about my dream they laughed saying that I was day dreaming . After one month my husband told me that he bought a new house in vizag . We had a big party same as the dream.

December 17 we shifted to our new house . I feel very happy which i cant say in words .It takes only 5min to go to beach. My husband always wished to have it this way . 
we have submarine museum the first ever in the world. It served our country. Now my dream came true. We bought all new stuff for the house. We enjoyed new year well in our new house but my only sadness is that my eldest daughter whose in america missed all these enjoyment.  All blogs friends are invited to our house in beautiful vizag.  

Saturday, November 6, 2010

My dream to ride a bike

When i was young me and my friends dreamed to go on bike rides.But then our customs didn't permit us . now a days young girls go on bikes in heavy traffic . Some of my friends got their own bikes when    they were in their 20s and fulfilled their ambitions. In my case i got opportunity to go on car but my bike dreams were still pending.

Recently i got opportunity to learn bike , on the first day it self i learned how to balance it    and started riding it.
I felt very happy while riding the bike on the beach road . I really felt like i went back in 20s. Riding a bike makes   me feel   very young.  My dream came true now i can go on bike to attend my personal work.  I'm so happy...

 I advice all the readers who don't know riding a bike to learn it. Really guys bike riding is such a fun.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Beauty of motherhood

First moment from my baby's birth then i was only 17 and don't no much thing about child care . My child got fever after 3days i was so scared and i didn't slept for hours thinking about her..  Before my baby's birth it was a hard task for people to get me out of sleep but after it my life was just changed. From that day my sleeping hours went down and down for second child and third child. Years passed by so . My children  started to growup. They started to go to school even then i didn't have sleep thinking about them.  When were in primary schools i didn't have sleep thinking about their safety , they were naughty kids at that time. When they are in their teens i still didn't have a perfect sleep from the time they leave home and come back. Now my elder daughter is in USA  even now i don't have a perfect sleep.

But there is happiness in this too . I think all around the world all mothers are same as me. Mother is the only one who can sacrifice for her kids .  May  all mothers bring their children with good habits and ; lovable feelings so that the world with out terrorism and a world with pure  love is created..

Friday, September 3, 2010

This is my story

I was born in a orthodox middle class family.i was the first born to my mom.from childhood  my parents encouraged us to read.All we friends used to have high hopes.But my family members got me married at the age of 16 .I never walked against the society.I gave birth to my first child  at the age of 17.That time i was  in 10th grade.i still didn't stop my studies.i know at all cost's i have to achieve my dreams.Sending my child to school i used to read for my degree in such way i have completed my degree.I still remember i was pregnant with  my second daughter I completed my first year degree.I was pregnant with my third child when i completed my graduation.Before every exam climbing every step of exam center i know that this is the step of glory because one step back then i'll see me as any ordinary second ambition was to make my children receive  high level education.I taught my children how to move on and face life each and every movement.My children are the only members in our family who topped high elder daughter now she's in U.S.A.she's the first girl in our family in U.S.A studying M.S.My second daughter is studying medicine And my son is in gave the freedom of choosing their studies to my children.My husband also encourages them well!!.
                                   I look forward for the day when "Every girl in our country can study casting aside the religion's belief's and customs".Hoping that day will come soon i thank you all lovely readers for reading my blog!!