Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My Sweet Tour!!!

Who doesn't dream to go to a sweetest tour which will have many cheerable memories such a sweet memory was that when i went to AGRA,a beautiful place where a only monument for ever lasting love stands,the TAJ MAHAL.

I always thought to visit Agra from childhood,but i couldn't.I urged my father to take me to that place but due to economical problems we couldn't.The years passed by and i got married to a wonderful person and had three kids.Spending with my kids and with my husband my dream to go to AGRA is lost and the time passed by.I lost the hope that i would never had a chance to visit AGRA again then one fine day my husband surprised me by booking tickets to AGRA to visit TAJ MAHAL!!

I was surprised and my heart danced with joy to hear that iam going to my dream place AGRA.We started to AGRA by train with my husband and kids.It took us two days to reach there.We reached there by 2nd day night and it was a dark city with full of lightings,we booked a hotel to stay there.The next day morning we started our tour by riding on a HORSE CART,as AGRA itself has this unique facility in india as many other cities has but in AGRA everyone enjoys to ride in it.After one kilometer of travel we passed through a beautiful Gardens.We reached the TAJ MAHAL within a half an hour and the  first step of TAJ surrounding made me to feel the presence of Love.

The distant view of TAJ made me to feel that the love still lives in everyone's heart,it made me to think that the TAJ MAHAL whispered to me.When we touched the  white milky walls of TAJ MAHAL we felt the essence of Love.We spent many hours travelling through out the monument.Inside the Tajmahal we saw the true eternal lovers  laying side by side i.e, Emperor SHAJAHAN and MUMTAJ,their true love shows the eternity of Love where these days we couldn't find.Later on we visited AGRA FORT  too,from there we again saw the TAJ MAHAL. We also bought a famous Sweet called PEDA and it is so tasty to eat.

The same day we returned back to our city having lots of sweet memories of TAJ MAHAL and my dream came true and i slept with beautiful new dreams to visit again the TAJ MAHAL.
Hope you people go there someday.......


  1. I would LOVE to see the Taj Mahal some day! I enjoyed reading this!

  2. thanks Mrs Jill Wellington .do visit some day.

  3. You could have posted the real pics of Emperor Shajahan and Empress Mumtaj;so many of us would love to dwell on their past.What amazing, eternal true lovers!

  4. Great love story.♥ I read about the story in a Literature book we used as text book when I was in third year high school. This place Taj Majal is very famous. I hope someday I will see the place.

  5. thanks jolly visit some day.

  6. i've heard the unique beauty of this place..and you give it a more wonderful presentation..
    wish i could be there sometimes and witness the love it spells..*crossing fingers*

  7. thanks beanizer. I wish you go there once..

  8. That was a very nice tribute to the icon of Love, the Taj. You've the quality to raise new hopes and to depict your feelings in wonderful colors. What is more I like when you do not pretend and make a clean and a clear statement. The way you wrote is a frank untouched version as you saw it.
    A very interesting post,indeed.